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Introduction - Keeping current with the most recent academic finance articles and working papers, using only the internet, is not easy. There is no central location where all of the articles are aggregated, and most journals require paid subscriptions and therefore do not ordinarily make their materials available for free over the internet. Luckily, some of the major journals allow upcoming papers to be downloaded before official publication, and the authors of working papers generally allow free access to their articles at their own personal website or their institution’s website.   I have tried to collect below a short list of sites that can be visited regularly to keep up to date on the latest leading research in finance, as well as more comprehensive lists of research-related and other interesting sites.  By visiting the "Leading Sources" identified below, about once a week, you should be kept reasonably up to date on most major releases of research in finance. I have also provided, in the "Recent Articles of Interest" sub-section, a running list of interesting and potentially influential articles, mostly focused on academic research in the financial markets, primarily the stock market.  Also, be sure to scroll down.  The "Shorter Articles/New Sites of Note" focuses on more easily readable, semi-academic articles and additional sites of interest.  The remaining sub-sections below list major journals and working paper sites, and the "Key Links For Academic Research," "Shorter Finance Articles" and "Other Interesting Sites/Online Finance Courses" sub-sections list many other very useful sites.  Coming soon - the new "Finance and Economics Blog Aggregator." Please read about the purpose of this site before using.     on: August 06, 2005 08:08 AM    (prior updates on: July 4, 2005, June 5, 2005; May 8, 2005, March 26, 2005, February 13, 2005,  January 16, 2005, December 26, 2004,  November 14, 2004, October 4, 2004, September 6, 2004, August 7, 2004 . . . .)

If you are a newcomer to finance, check out the  Getting Started  page (5 New Books Recommended) for some good introductory resources.

Recent Articles of Interest

August 2005 (published in July 2005) - Dolmas, Trimmed Mean PCE Inflation - the Fed's main gauge of inflation has been adjusted upward   New!

August 2005 (published in June 2004) - Shea, South Sea Company Subscription Shares and Warrant Values in 1720  New!

August 2005 (published in July 2005) - Balduzzi, Robotti, Asset-pricing Models and Economic Risk Premia: A Decomposition   New!

August 2005 (published in July 2005) - Schuler, Ignorance and Influence: U.S. Economists on Argentina's Depression of 1998-2002  New!

August 2005 (published February 2005) - Lettau , Wachte, Why is Long-Horizon Equity Less Risky? A Duration-based Explanation of the Value Premium (abstract only) New!

August 2005 (published April 2005) - Lungu, Minford, Explaining The Equity Risk Premium (abstract only)  New!

July 2005 - Miller, Measuring The True Cost of Active Management of Mutual Funds 

July 2005 (published May 2004) - Guo, Aggregate idiosyncratic volatility in G7 countries!

July 2005 (published February 2005) - Andersen, Bollerslev, Christoffersen, Diebold, Volatility Forecasting 

July 2005 - Blanchard, Giavazzi, Sa, The US Current Account and the Dollar  

July 2005 (May 2004 dissertation) -  Borg, the Growing Popularity of Index Funds: A Practical Means of Construction and Performance Analysis

July 2005 (published September 2004) - Hillebrand, Mean Reversion Expectations and the 1987 Stock Market Crash: An Empirical Investigation  

July 2005 (published January 2005) - Gurkaynak, Econometric Tests of Asset Price Bubbles: Taking Stock 

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Yogo, A Consumption-Based Explanation of Expected Stock Returns 

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Petkova, Do the Fama-French Factors Proxy for Innovations in Predictive Variables?

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Franzoni, Marin, Pension Plan Funding and Stock Market Efficiency 

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Baker, Wurgler, Appearing and disappearing dividends: The link to catering incentives!

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Grossman, Shore, The Cross-Section of Stock Returns before World War I  (abstract only)

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Hahn, Lee, Yield Spreads as Alternative Risk Factors for Size and Book-to-Market (abstract only) 

June 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Hou, Moskowitz, Market Frictions, Price Delay, and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns (abstract only) 

May 2005 - Davis, Martin, Housing, House Prices, and the Equity Premium Puzzle 

May 2005 (published January 2005) - Shiller, Behavioral Economics and Institutional Innovation  

May 2005 (May 2004) Fama, French,  Disagreement, Tastes, and Asset Prices  (SSRN requires free registration) 

May 2005 - Bystrom, Kwon, Default Probabilities According to the Bond Market  (SSRN requires free registration)

May 2005 (September 2004) - Balvers, Wu, Momentum and Mean Reversion Across National Equity Markets 

March 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Zhang, Information Uncertainty and Stock Returns 

March 2005 - Bouchaud, Sornette, Johansen, Stock market crashes, precursors and replicas 

March 2005 - Hjalmarsson, On the Predictability of Global Stock Returns  

March 2005 - Andersen, Bollerslev, Christoffersen,  Diebold, Volatility Forecasting 

March 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Hermalin, Trends in Corporate Governance 

March 2005 - Cheung, Chinn, Garcia, Empirical Exchange Rate Models of the Nineties: Are Any Fit to Survive?  

March 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Dennis, Mayhew, Stivers, Stock Returns, Implied Volatility Innovations, and the Asymmetric Volatility Phenomenon (abstract only) 

March 2005  (to be published in 2005) - Hahn, Lee, Yield Spreads as Alternative Risk Factors for Size and Book-to-Market (abstract only) 

February 2005 - Kizer, Index Fundamentalism Revisited - Redux 

February 2005 (published November 2004) - Hakes, Sauer, An Economic Evaluation of the Moneyball Hypothesis  

February 2005 (published 2003) - Lewellen, Kothari, Warner, Stock Returns, Aggregate Earnings Surprises, and Behavioral Finance 

February 2005 (published August 2004) - Bollen, Busse, Short-Term Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance (abstract only) 

February 2005 (to be published in 2005) - DuCharme, Malatesta,  Sefcik, Earnings management, stock issues, and shareholder lawsuits 

February 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Anderson, Garcia-Feijóo, Empirical Evidence on Capital Investment, Growth Options, and Security Returns 

January 2005 (to be published in 2005) - DeAngelo,  DeAngelo, Skinner, Are dividends disappearing? Dividend concentration and the consolidation of earnings 

January 2005 (to be published in 2005) -  LaPorta,  Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer, What Works in Securities Laws? 

January 2005 (to be published in 2005) - Connolly, Stivers, Sun, Stock Market Uncertainty and the Stock-Bond Return Relation (abstract only) 

January 2005 (to be published 2005) - Miguel A. Ferreira and Paulo M. Gama, Have World, Country and Industry Risks Changed Over Time? An Investigation of the Developed Stock Markets Volatility (abstract only) 

December 2004 (book published August 2004) - Mandelbrot, The Misbehavior of Markets  - the application of fractal mathematics to finance; good stuff!     *** Highly Recommended ***        This book, along with Sornette, Why Stock Markets Crash, describe the next big thing in finance.  Both books linked on the Getting Started page.  

December 2004 - Ang, Hodrick, Xing, Zhang, The Cross-Section of Volatility and Expected Returns 

December 2004 - Bansal, Dittmar, Lundblad, Consumption, Dividends, and the Cross-Section of Equity Returns 

December 2004 - Hong, Kubik, Stein, Thy Neighbor’s Portfolio: Word-of-Mouth Effects in the Holdings and Trades of Money Managers 



"Leading" Sources

Journal of Finance (full text of upcoming papers)

Journal of Financial Economics (full text of upcoming papers)

Review of Financial Studies (abstracts only; some older articles)

Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis  (abstracts only)

Note about the "Big Four" journals  

EconPapers Search - as part of the RePec sites, EconPapers is a great resource.  Thanks to Professor Sune Karlsson of the Stockholm School of Economics you can now search all "G" JEL classified articles ("financial economics") added or modified on the site within the last "x" days or weeks.  This should allow you to periodically review recent articles added to the EconPapers site.  (Note: all posted articles on EconPapers may not have JEL codes attributed to them). 


SSRN (Financial Economics Network) – this and the RePec site are the two main "aggregators" of financial research on the internet.  The SSRN site is really geared for searching specific topics or authors. The above link should rank recent finance papers in date order, many of which are downloadable (at times this link can be slow).  I would recommend checking this link a few times a week.  It is the single most useful resource on the web for new releases in finance.  (Note if you have trouble downloading the document, you can have it e-mailed to you).   SSRN now requires registration but it is free.


Journal of Business (abstracts only)  It can be argued that the Journal of Business should replace one of the publications in the "Big Four" - see Arnold, Butler, Crack, Altintig, Impact: What Influences Finance Research? 


Univ. of Chicago and CRSP Working Papers (some full text)


Cowles Foundation at Yale Univ. Working Papers (full text)


Federal Reserve Working Papers (full text)

National Bureau of Economic Research (abstracts only)

Shorter Articles/New Sites of Note

August 2005 - RGE Monitor - this is probably the best site on the web for global economics.  *** Highly Recommended *** It was updated in July and is much improved but is going to a paid service in September.  Check it out while you can!  New!


August 2005 - - scholarly comments on academic economics.  *** Highly Recommended ***  New!


July 2005 - - Andreas Steiner’s Performance Analysis site


July 2005 - - quantitative finance 


July 2005 - Center for International Securities and Derivatives Markets - the study of hedge funds 


July 2005 - - everything you need to know about VAR 


May 2005 (April 2005) - Bennyhoff, Preserving a Portfolio’s Real Value: Is There an Optimal Strategy? 


May 2005 - Bernstein, Why You Can’t Afford a House in San Francisco 


May 2005 - 


May 2005 (Winter 2005)- Bernstein, The $150 Billion Question 


February 2005 - - Financial Intelligence Network 


February 2005 (published April 2003)  - Analytic Investors, Reasonable Expectations for the Long-Run U.S. Equity Risk Premium 


February 2005 - Analytic Investors - Research 


February 2005 (published August 2003)  - Baryshevsky, What is hidden in the Fed's model? The Second Approximation 


February 2005 - EDHEC-RISK, Asset Management Research 


January 2005 -   FinanceProfessor Blog 


January 2005 - 


December 2004 (published Fall 2004) - Troutman, Plotting Your Course The Art & Science of Our Investment Relationships, Part 1 and Part 2 


December 2004 (published Fall 2004) - Brooks, Gray, History of the Forecasters (abstract only)


December 2004 (published Fall 2204) - Bernstein, Luigi Does It Yet Again  


December 2004 (published May 1998) - Fama, Asset Management:  Engineering Portfolios For Better Returns 


August 2004 - the Efficient Market Hypothesis site - great history of the EMH and bibliography 


August 2004 (published June 2004) - Savage, Prices, Probabilities and Predictions 



August 2004 (published in January 2004) - Chensvold, DFA vs. Vanguard 




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