Holgate Heaven

19A Susan Ave.

 Holgate, New Jersey 08008


Stairs down from roof deck

Location in Holgate

Living room

Guest Bathroom on Second Floor

Dining room - kitchen on right - second floor deck on left with two sets of sliding doors


Second floor deck - with grill and table and chairs

Kitchen - second floor




Master bedroom on First Floor


Second bedroom on First Floor (four beds)


Master bathroom connected to master bedroom on first floor


Washer/dryer on first floor

Third bedroom on first floor

Second bathroom on First Floor


All three closets on first floor have built in drawers as shown


Play area on ground floor with TV (no cable) and futon


Garage on ground floor with bicycles

Roof deck on third floor


The picture below was taken two weeks after Sandy, the very first day they let us back on the island!! Amazing.  We were very lucky as Susan Ave suffered no damage.  The house is built on 8 foot stilts so it did not have any flooding of course, but even on the ground floor, which has the garage and a tile foyer, the water got inside but only 3-4 inches.  For some reason Susan Ave is at a slightly higher elevation than the rest of Holgate and it is at the very beginning of Holgate (northern part two blocks from Beach Haven), so it was not subject to the kind of flooding they had in the far south of Holgate.  Still, once the dunes are put back, 99% of Holgate will be back to normal by summer.  Although a handful of houses were lost during the storm, most of the damage in Holgate looks much worse than it is in person, because the dune was washed into the streets.  Once all the sand is cleaned up and put back, we should be in fine shape for summer.


Here is our only Hurricane Sandy "damage" - 3 to 4 inches of water got into the tile foyer on the ground floor and left some dirt.  It is all cleaned up and the house is back to perfect condition.