"Highly Recommended" Articles 2002-2013


September 2013 - Market Capitalization As A Percentage Of GDP  

August 2012 -  Kolko: Dissecting the House Price Indices (Case-Shiller, CoreLogic, FHFA and NAR) 

August 2012 -  The Women Wage Gap Finally Explained - Children! 

August 2012 - Countries' Share of World GDP  1 - 2008  

August 2012 - Andrew Lo's Papers Available Online

January 2012 - the REAL inflation rate!! - a must read

January 2012 - Mutual Funds in and Out of Favor - go to this site once a year before you  chase returns 

January 2012 -  The rise and fall of personal computing  - awesome chart! 

June 2011 - Case-Shiller Housing Futures vs. Actual

November 2010 -  Is China's Growth Rate Destined To Be Cut In Half?

June 2010 -  It's Impossible To "Get By" In The US

September 2009 - Breakdown of a Hypothetical Bond Spread by Contributing Factors (Picture)

November 2008 - DiLorenzo, The New Deal Debunked (again)

July 2008 - 80 Year History: Earnings Yield vs. Interest Rates

April 2007 (published February 2007) - Jacobsen, Marshall, Visaltanachorti, The Interval of Observation

September 2006 (published in September 2005) -   Hebner,  Index Funds - this book has it all.  The tables and graphs instantly make their point and allow you to "see" how the market ebbs and flows as asset class returns vary year to year.  It is extremely well-written.  For the cleverly presented but massive amount of information alone, this book is worth the price of admission.

January 2006 (published November 2005) -Bhattacgarta, Galpin,  Is Stock Picking Declining Around the World? 

October 2005 (published June 2005) - Tokat, The Asset Allocation Debate: Provocative Questions, Enduring Realities

December 2004 (book published August 2004) - Mandelbrot, The Misbehavior of Markets  - the application of fractal mathematics to finance; good stuff!  This book, along with Sornette, Why Stock Markets Crash, describe the next big thing in finance.

Due in 2002/2003 - Hirshleifer, Shumway, Good Day Sunshine: Stock Returns And The Weather

December 2002 - Asness, Fight the Fed Model: The Relationship Between Stock Market Yields, Bond Market Yields, and Future Returns

Fall 2002 - Chan, Karceski, Lakonishok, The Level and Persistence of Growth Rates 

September 2002 - Durham,  The Extreme Bounds Of The Cross-Section Of Expected Stock Returns

Summer 2002 - Ritter, The Biggest Mistakes We Teach